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Medical aids

Medical aids are products such as compression stockings, blood sugar monitors, walking aids or incontinence supplies. Find out here who covers the cost, and which providers we recommend.

Does CSS pay for aids?

Basic insurance covers the cost of an aid if all of the following three conditions are met:

  • The aid features on the official aids and appliances list (MiGeL) compiled by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).
  • You have been prescribed the product by a doctor.
  • You have not yet reached the contribution limit specified by MiGeL.

The situation is different if you are given the aid by a medical professional (hospital, retirement home, carer, doctor, physiotherapist, ergotherapist, etc.). In this case, the cost is included in the treatment.

Special cases involving hearing aids and orthopaedic shoes

Hearing aids and orthopaedic shoes are covered under basic insurance only if certain conditions are met – for example, if you satisfy the medical requirements of Federal Disability Insurance (IV) or Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (OASI) but fail to meet the eligibility requirements for benefits under these social insurance schemes.