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Ewa Heimerdinger



Histamine intolerance

Intolerance is difficult to diagnose. Systematic elimination is the only way.

To the elimination diet
Fructoseintoleranz: So wird sie behandelt

Fructose intolerance

It causes unpleasant symptoms such as flatulence. But what are those exactly?

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What to eat when you're pregnant?

Nutritional and energy requirements differ according to trimester.

Trimester tips

The supplements trend

They promise to boost health, strength and energy. But are food supplements really worth taking?

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Is fasting healthy?

Fasting triggers various processes in the body after just 12 hours.

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Cleverly combine

Simple & tasty recipes featuring food pairings for you to cook at home.

Perfect combination
Vegane Ernährung: Wie gesund ist das?

Vegan diet

Vegan doesn’t automatically mean healthy. Certain vitamins are essential.

wWhat’s important

Glutamate explained

Eggs seasoned with Aromat: how harmful is this glutamate flavour enhancer?

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