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Cleverly combine

Simple & tasty recipes featuring food pairings for you to cook at home.

Perfect combination
Vegane Ernährung: Wie gesund ist das?
Vegan diet

Vegan doesn’t automatically mean healthy. Certain vitamins are essential.

wWhat’s important
Glutamate explained

Eggs seasoned with Aromat: how harmful is this glutamate flavour enhancer?

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Avoid hunger attacks

The glycaemic index shows to what extent the blood sugar level rises after eating.

To the table
Ketogene Diät: was steckt hinter der Ernährungsform?
Ketogenic diet

In the ketogenic diet, more than half of the nutritional intake consists of fats. How sensible is this?

Ketogenic diet
Gaining weight the healthy way: here’s how.
Gaining weight the healthy way

Gaining weight healthily when you’re underweight can be a challenge. These 5 tips will make it work.

Gaining weight the healthy way
Ernährung in der Schwangerschaft: Das wichtigste auf einen Blick
Pregnant! What should I eat?

How do I eat during pregnancy? Healthily and not for two.

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