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Gian Beeli earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Zurich, with a specialisation in communication science and media research. During his studies, he developed a profound understanding of the complex interrelationships involved in communicative processes and their impact on people and society. In addition, he learned all about the scientific methods used in social sciences, enabling him to analyse and interpret complex social phenomena. Starting in 2022, Gian Beeli underwent specific training at CSS as an editor for health-related topics. Gian Beeli focuses on issues related to mental well-being, tackling a variety of questions concerning aspects such as trauma, emotional health and mental resilience.

Articles by Gian Beeli


GLP-1 agent

Do diabetes medications containing GLP-1 analogues help with weight loss?

To find out
Eine junge Frau liegt im Bett und hat ihr Blick auf das leuchtende Smarphone gerichtet.

Social media addiction

When do you become addicted? Find out the causes and get treatment.

Overcoming addiction

Sick without a diagnosis

This helps people deal with chronic symptoms and the unknown.

Read tips

Postpartum belly

How to recognise diastasis recti after pregnancy and what helps.

Tips for recovery

Epigenetics in simple terms

Our environment influences our genetic make-up and that of our unborn children.

Change lifestyle

Inherited trauma

What leads to trauma being passed down through several generations.

Overcoming the past

Trauma therapy

How a trauma develops and which methods help to overcome it.

Processing trauma

BlackBoard foot exercises

Effective exercises prevent foot pain, help with deformities and activate muscles.

Strengthen your feet
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