Carrot soup (Moro’s carrot soup)

Required material

  • 500g carrots (peeled and chopped into small pieces)
  • 1 level teaspoon salt
  • Sieve / mixer
  • 1 litre water
  • Measuring jug


How to make:

  • Peel and chop 500g carrots
  • Cook carrots in 1 litre of water on medium heat for 1.5 hours
  • Pass the cooked carrots through a sieve into a measuring jug or purée in a blender
  • Add 1 tsp (approx. 3g) salt
  • Add more water to increase the quantity to 1 litre again
  • Sip the soup in small quantities.
  • N.B.: It’s important to cook the carrots for 1.5 hours as this is the only way to release the valuable oligosaccharides.


Carrot soup can have the following effects:

As the acidic oligosaccharides are similar in structure to the colon wall, bacterial agents adhere to the oligosaccharides instead of the wall of the gut and can therefore be excreted.

Helps against



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