Losing weight the healthy way

Would you like to shed a few kilos? We can help you lose weight. Reach your feel-good weight thanks to healthy eating tips, tasty recipes and motivation tricks.

How the DASH diet lowers blood pressure

Find out here what good the DASH diet does and how the eating plan works.

To the DASH diet
High protein products

From protein shakes to yogurts: what lies behind the high-protein trend.

Are they worth it?
Change your diet

A client's experience report shows why changing your diet pays off.

To the report
Ballaststoffe: Bitte mehr davon!
Eat fibre

Wholemeal products, bran, fruit: why do fibre-rich foods protect us from the likes of heart disease?

Healthy eating
Ketogene Diät: was steckt hinter der Ernährungsform?
Ketogenic diet

In the ketogenic diet, more than half of the nutritional intake consists of fats. How sensible is this?

Keto diet explained
Gaining weight the healthy way: here’s how.
Gaining weight the healthy way

Gaining weight healthily when you’re underweight can be a challenge. These 5 tips will make it work.

Gaining weight the healthy way
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