Families are important to us. That’s why we support you during pregnancy and provide practical information in the run-up to giving birth.


Antenatal course

What’s the benefit of an antenatal course and why is it so important? This is what we asked midwife Claudia Kuratli.

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Erkältung in der Schwangerschaft: Was kann ich dagegen tun?
Ill during pregnancy

Cold, sore throat or cough? These home remedies are completely safe.

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Endometriose: Weit verbreitet, aber selten erkannt
Endometriosis facts

Almost unbearable pain or difficulty getting pregnant: endometriosis is a women's disease.

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Ernährung in der Schwangerschaft: Das wichtigste auf einen Blick
Nutrition during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy? Above all, healthily and not for two.

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Krankenkasse Baby: Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick
Health insurance for newborns

What to think about and the advantages of prenatal admission.

Insurance cover
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Vater richtet Kinderzimmer ein
Insurance tips

Pregnancy & birth

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our insurance cover for mothers and their babies.

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