Travel health insurance: it’s got everything covered


Whether you prefer sun, sea and sand, Swiss mountain air, or a city break: a change of scenery is always welcome. But nothing in life is guaranteed, and you never know what might get in the way of your travel plans. If you have to cancel your trip, or if you fall ill, have an accident or something else goes wrong while you’re abroad, our travel insurance will step in and help.

Taking out travel health insurance

Going on holiday is exciting. It’s a time many of us look forward to all year. So, imagine the disappointment of having to cancel your travel plans because you suddenly fall ill or have an accident just before the trip. If you want to at least get your money back, we recommend travel insurance. It not only helps if you get sick, it can even be taken out online shortly before the trip without any problem.

Advantages of travel insurance

  • Covers the cost of illness and accident worldwide for travellers.
  • Covers the cost of emergency transport and repatriation to Switzerland.
  • Covers the cost of cancelling your travel plans if you have trip cancellation insurance.
  • You can also insure your luggage.

Frequently asked questions about travel health insurance

Find out just how late you can buy travel insurance, how you pay for it and what happens in the event of a pandemic.

What is the latest date I can take out travel insurance?

You can still buy travel insurance right up to the last minute before your trip – for example, you can get it online at the airport while waiting for your flight to depart. Insurance cover begins the minute you take out the policy.

Who is travel insurance for?

You can take out travel insurance as individual insurance or for two or more members of your household at the same time. Whether you want cover for cancellation costs or luggage: you only pay for what you actually need.

How can I pay for last-minute travel insurance?

You need a credit card to take out travel insurance online at short notice.

Trip cancellation insurance, travel health insurance – what exactly is available?

Here at CSS we simply call it travel insurance, and it can be taken out as follows: either as a single-trip policy lasting 17 or 31 days, or as travel insurance for a whole year. It comes in three packages – Economy, Balance and Premium – that offer different levels of cover, including medical costs, personal assistance, cancellation costs, luggage and legal protection abroad.

What are the advantages of buy­ing it online at the last minute?

Better late than never. So, if you realise shortly before your trip that you’ve forgotten to get travel health insurance, it’s still worth getting it. After all, you never know what might happen – even when you're on holiday.

Are there any cut-off dates?

There aren’t really any cut-off dates. But if you fall ill shortly before the start of your journey, you won’t be able to take out trip cancellation insurance any more.

Is travel insurance also valid for pandemics like corona?

Yes, travel insurance doesn’t make any distinction between the more common virus infections and COVID-19. However, for the costs to be assumed, you must submit a medical certificate confirming the disease.

Here for you in an emergency

Travel insurance lets you look forward to your holidays without a care in the world. Our 24-hour emergency hotline on +41 58 277 77 77 offers advice by phone, day or night, wherever in the world you happen to be, and can even issue commitments to provide cover if required.

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