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Revised Federal Insurance Contract Act

Based on a decision of the Federal Council, the amended Insurance Contract Act (VVG) comes into effect on 1 January 2022. It applies to supplementary health insurance and other forms of insurance governed by the VVG. All insurance companies are obliged by law to alter their General Insurance Conditions (AVB) accordingly.

What's new from 1 January 2022

You will enjoy even better pro­tec­tion as a consumer in future. So – now is the time to find out about the advantages to you as a client with supplementary insurance.

  • Relaxed formal requirements: Concluding and cancelling contracts no longer has to be done by post: it can also be done by email or via the myCSS client portal.
  • Standardised right of termination: Now, all insurance contracts can be cancelled at the end of the third year or each subsequent year, subject to a notice period of three months.
  • Insurer's right of termination no longer applies: Providers of supplementary health in­sur­ance may no longer cancel their contracts with insured persons (except in cases of fraud, a breach of the notification requirement or non-payment of premiums).
  • Change to limitation period: You now have up to five (instead of two) years in which to claim your benefits. Debts, incurred before 1 January 2022, continue to become time-barred after two years.

The key points in relation to your insurance contract are set out here.

Frequently asked questions

The VVG had never been fun­da­men­tally reworked since first coming into force in 1910. Therefore, it was no longer in keeping with the needs and concerns of today's clients and consumers. The revision is based on a Federal Council decision, which decrees that the amendments shall apply to all insurance companies as of 1 January 2022. The necessary legislative changes were adopted on 19 June 2020.

It applies to all supplementary health insurance plans and other forms of insurance, such as household, legal expenses and travel insurance, offered by all insurance companies.

No. You can now cancel all insurance contracts at the end of the third year. That means the start date of the insurance is decisive. For example:

  • Beginning of insurance 1.1.2020 or earlier: Cancellation deadline 30.9.2022 for 31.12.2022
  • Beginning of insurance 1.1.2021: Cancellation deadline 30.9.2023 for 31.12.2023
  • Beginning of insurance 1.4.2021: Cancellation deadline 31.12.2023 for 31.3.20244

If the insurance you originally took out has meantime been replaced by a successor product, the AVB for the original solution will not have been amended. You are welcome to request the AVBs for these insurance plans from us.

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