Family: contribution from the Health Account

We support activities for your family through the Health Account.

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The advantages for you

  • 50% share of the cost of courses and fitness centre subscriptions paid, capped at CHF 500 a year.
  • You'll find recognised providers throughout Switzerland.
  • In addition, up to CHF 1,800 for a CSS Check-up every three years.
  • Free when you take out certain supplementary insurance products.

Good to know

As a health partner, we go the extra mile for our clients with supplementary insurance – and you benefit.

Offers to choose from

The overview of benefits shows you all the possible activities.

Check your balance

You can only claim your contribution once across all offer areas.

Health Account

You need a Health Account to receive financial support.

Family: How the Health Account works

Your family is important to us. That’s why we make contributions to your health through the Health Account.

How much you get

We pay 50% of the course and member­ship costs per year. The maximum amount depends on the offer level.

  • Up to CHF 150 a year through the Economy Health Account.
  • Up to CHF 250 a year through the Balance Health Account.
  • Up to CHF 500 a year through the Premium Health Account.

Benefiting couldn’t be easier

You benefit from the Health Account if you have both myFlex Outpatient Insurance and myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance.

Your premium at a glance

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Overview of benefits / recognised providers

Activity, Offer
Recognised providers
Antenatal preparation
All providers
Antenatal and postnatal exercise
All providers
Infant care courses, breastfeeding advice, baby massage
All providers
Exercise and development classes for children under 5 (accompanied by mother or father) All providers
Swimming for children under 16 (with or without an adult)
All providers
Water familiarisation and swimming for children with respiratory tract problems
Lung League
Acupuncture as birth preparation Midwife or EMR-recognised therapist
Emergencies involving infants
Swiss Samaritans
Multi-disciplinary group programmes for overweight children and young people
Regional providers of the Swiss Adipositas Association for Childhood and Teen Obesity (akj)

Frequently asked questions

It's quite simple. Submit the bills from a recognised provider by post or via myCSS.

You will receive the contribution if the balance on your Health Account has not yet been used up for offers in another area: Family, Exercise, Other.

Your chosen category (Economy, Balance, Premium) of myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance determines the level of benefits under the Health Account.

Yes. Clients with CSS Standard Insurance, CSS Standard Plus Insurance, Semi-Private or Private Hospitalisation Insurance benefit from the Balance Health Account (without the CSS Check-up).