Other: contribution from the Health Account

We support various health-related activities, such as yoga classes and in-pharmacy services, through the Health Account.

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The advantages for you

Good to know

As a health partner, we go the extra mile for our clients with supplementary insurance – and you benefit.

Offers to choose from

The overview of benefits shows you all the possible activities.

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You can only claim your contribution once across all offer areas.

Health Account

You need a Health Account to receive financial support.

Other: How the Health Account works

Do you regularly go to yoga classes? Or would you like to take advantage of a prevention service at your local phar­macy? Your well-being is important to us. That’s why we make contributions to your health through the Health Account.

How much you get

We pay 50% of the course and member­ship costs per year. The maximum amount depends on the offer level.

  • Up to CHF 150 a year through the Economy Health Account.
  • Up to CHF 250 a year through the Balance Health Account.
  • Up to CHF 500 a year through the Premium Health Account.

Benefiting couldn’t be easier

You benefit from the Health Account if you have both myFlex Outpatient Insurance and myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance.

Your premium at a glance

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Overview of benefits / recognised providers

In the 'Other' offers area of the Health Account, you get contributions to benefits in the categories of nutrition, mindfulness, self-help and prevention. You can find CSS-recognised providers in the overview or in the myCSS client portal.

Nutrition & dietary changes

Activity, Offer
Recognised providers
Nutritional counselling
Swiss Association of Registered Dieticians, holders of the dipl. ErnährungswissenschaftlerInnen ETH dietician qualification, hospitals (outpatient nutrition advice)
Group and individual coaching, in person and online
LEALY – long-term dietary change (adjusted to your individual daily programme)
Recipe newsletter subscription can be ordered free of charge
Nutrition coaching by telephone & app
SalutaCoach – your personal nutrition and exercise coach

Mindfulness & mental health

Activity, Offer
Recognised providers
Breathing courses and breath training
Members of the Swiss Association of Breathing Therapists (AFS), Qualitop, Course[Active],
CSS-recognised providers
Autogenic training
Members of the Swiss Society of Physicians and Psychotherapists for Autogenic Training and Related Procedures (SGAT), Qualitop, Fitness-Guide, Course[Active], CSS-recognised providers
Sophrology (group courses and counselling)
All providers
Stress management / MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction)
Recognised psychologists and psychotherapists, doctors (specialising in psychiatry) and paarlife,
CSS-recognised providers
stressfit – learning to manage stress
SweetDreams – Digital sleep training for sleep disorders
Tai chi & qigong
All providers
Yoga Members of Swiss Yoga (Yoga Schweiz) and teachers recommended by the Swiss Yoga Association, Qualitop, Fitness-Guide, Course[Active], CSS-recognised providers
Zilgrei Members of the Zilgrei International Association, CSS-recognised providers

Self-help & self-management

Activity, Offer
Recognised providers
Preparing for an acute allergic reaction
Anaphylaxis training from aha! Swiss Allergy Centre
Managing asthma in everyday life
Asthma advice from aha! Swiss Allergy Centre or certified AsthmaCheck pharmacies
Bekhterev gymnastics and swimming
Members of the Swiss Ankylosing Spondylitis Association (SVMB), CSS-recognised providers
Courses for the bladder and pelvic floor
All providers
Dementia courses
Swiss Red Cross (SRC), run by EduKation demenz
Gymnastics and swimming for the heart
Recognised Swiss cardiac groups, Swiss Heart Foundation
Cancer League courses
Cancer League
Courses for caregiving relatives
Migros Club School, SRC – Swiss Red Cross, Pro Senectute
Course for self-management and health literacy in chronic disease management (Evivo)
Evivo Netzwerk association
Treating neurodermatitis
Neurodermatitis courses from aha! Swiss Allergy Centre
Emergency and first aid courses
All providers
Stop smoking
Cancer League, Liechtenstein Cancer Aid, Anti-Tobacco Centre / Last Cigarette Centre, Swiss Association Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Life and Health League, cantonal health offices, lung leagues, abaris, Allen Carr’s Easyway, NoSmo Stop Smoking Therapy by EdelweissLab®, TopPharm pharmacies, medinform-certified pharmacies

Screening & prevention

Activity, Offer
Recognised providers
Allergy check (e.g. for pollen and house dust mites)
Amavita, Coop Vitality and Sunstore pharmacies
Medical check-up and CSS check-up
CSS Check-Up (comprehensive health check-up covering medication, nutrition, exercise and stress management) CSS-recognised providers
Herzcheck® healthy heart check (ascertain your risk of having a heart attack or stroke)
Cardiovascular check: Schweizerische Herzstiftung (Swiss Heart Foundation) in collaboration with pharmacies
Cardio Explorer (innovative test for heart health) Exploris Health AG in cooperation with partner practices
Medically recognised preventive vaccinations and vaccinations for holidays and foreign travel
Doctors and recognised vaccination pharmacies.
Please note: Insured persons with myFlex Insurance do not receive contributions towards vaccinations from the Health Account, but rather from their myFlex Outpatient Insurance
Visual training
All providers
ocumeda eye check-up ocumeda in cooperation with partner opticians

Frequently asked questions

It's quite simple. Submit the bills from a recognised provider by post or via myCSS.

You will receive the contribution if the balance on your Health Account has not yet been used up for offers in another area: Family, Exercise, Other.

Your chosen category (Economy, Balance, Premium) of myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance determines the level of benefits under the Health Account.

Yes. Clients with CSS Standard Insurance, CSS Standard Plus Insurance, Semi-Private or Private Hospitalisation Insurance benefit from the Balance Health Account (without the CSS Check-up).

No. But you can train online and earn money at the same time with the active365 app.