Lara Hüsler

Lara Hüsler

Certified nutrition coach and recipe creator

Lara Hüsler is the founder of food4life GmbH and an expert in healthy and nutritious eating. She originally trained as a Pharmacy Assistant, first gaining a Federal VET Diploma followed by a diploma in nutrition coaching and qualifications in orthomolecular medicine. She is also a gut health nutrition specialist. Over the years, she has enhanced her food photography skills by attending various continuing professional development courses and academies. Her enthusiasm for cooking and developing recipes enables her to express her culinary creativity.

She has poured all her expertise and creative impulses into her book «NährstoffOase», where she comes up with a versatile and enjoyable diet that keeps the body nourished while also boosting general well-being. Her book is a well-researched resource that is intended to inspire readers to make conscious decisions about what they eat, supported by extensive knowledge and practical experience.

Through her work, Lara Hüsler explores the subject of healthy eating in great depth, focusing in particular on gut health and preventive nutrition. Her writings and photographic works are not only featured in her book, but can also regularly be seen in various formats as CSS blog posts and e-books.

Articles by Lara Hüsler


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