Rosalie Mutter

Rosalie Mutter

Sports Scientist

Kreuzbandriss: Ursachen, Symptome und Behandlung
Cruciate ligament tear

A cruciate ligament tear is one of the most common sports injuries. Can it be prevented?

Suitable treatment
Hiking in Schwyz

Plenty of animals can be observed on this wide alp, including eagles and marmots.

Glattalp hut
Planning for families

Overnight adventure in an SAC hut: no problem for families too.

Helpful tips
Exercises with a mini band

Simple and effective training with a mini band for at home and on the go.

Follow the training
Learn to do the splits

You’ll need to do these 5 stretching exercises to do the splits.

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Gymnastic ball exercises

That training with a gymnastic ball is a great form of exercise is a well-established fact.

Try the exercises
Hiking in Uri

Family holidays in the Lidernen hut are both adventurous and relaxing.

Lidernen hut
Simple recipes: 3 favourites

Oven-baked vegetables, aubergine pizza and courgette-potato patties.

Here’s how
Childhood games

These 10 playground skills for adults exercise strength and balance.

Discover the games
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