Rosalie Mutter

Rosalie Mutter

Sports Scientist

Exercises with a mini band

Simple and effective training with a mini band for at home and on the go.

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Learn to do the splits

You’ll need to do these 5 stretching exercises to do the splits.

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Gymnastic ball exercises

That training with a gymnastic ball is a great form of exercise is a well-established fact.

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Childhood games

These 10 playground skills for adults exercise strength and balance.

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Street Racket

Marcel Straub tells us in an interview what excites him about Street Racket.

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Household remedies: Thyme

Thyme has antibacterial properties and, drunk as a tea, helps with colds and coughs.

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6 Balance Pad exercises

From easy to difficult: Balance Pad exercises for balance and core.

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Simple recipes: 3 favourites

Oven-baked vegetables, aubergine pizza and courgette-potato patties.

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Rückenschmerzen nach dem Joggen wegen Fehlhaltung
Back pain after jogging?

Back pain when jogging is often caused by a hollow back posture.

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