Rosalie Mutter

Rosalie Mutter

Sports Scientist

Dry eyes

Dry eyes can be unpleasant or painful. Simple home remedies are often enough to help.

Helpful home remedies
Hiking in St. Gallen

Centrally located and easy to reach, the Spitzmeilen hut lies south of Flums.

Spitzmeilen hut
Strength training

We show you 5 effective and simple exercises to do at home – with no equipment at all.

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Household remedies for neck tension

Tight neck muscles can be eased by stimulating blood circulation.

What can help?
Problems sleeping?

Herbal sleep aids are calming, yet not addictive.

Discover plants
Neck exercises

6 exercises with which you can manage your neck pain.

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BCAAs als Eiweiss Nahrungsergänzungsmittel
BCCA supplement?

In most cases, a person’s BCAA (amino acids) requirement is covered by their diet.

Benefit & effect
Training with a cold

Sport strengthens the immune system. But what to do if you get a fever?

Exercise correctly
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