Strength training at home: 5 basic exercises without equipment


Anyone can do a simple all-body workout without dumbbells or other weights. Sports scientist Dominic demonstrates 5 effective exercises in simple and more challenging variations.

Strength training without equipment

Efficient strength training can also be achieved without weights. Weights are best used for targeting a particular muscle group. But if the aim is to train body stability and deep muscles, you’re just as well off without equipment. What’s important is that the exercises are varied. This is why our exercises focus on several muscle groups and offer variations from simple to more challenging.

Strength training exercises

For the exercises you need a chair and possibly a cushion for support.

In the video, sports scientist Dominic Reinle demonstrates a few simple exercises for a full-body workout – without any equipment or major effort. (in german)
  1. Exercise: Squat for leg muscles
  2. Exercise: Beetle for stomach and core muscles
  3. Exercise: Bridge for buttocks, lower back and hamstrings
  4. Exercise: Simple push-up for chest, shoulder and core muscles
  5. Exercise: Mobilisation for the upper back, posture

How often should I train?

Start with 2-3 times a week – you’ll start to feel the first small effects after just a few weeks.

How many repetitions should I make?

Start with 2 x 8-12 repetitions and then increase to 3 x 8-12 times. When that's easily achieved, switch to the more challenging version and start again with 2 sets. This is the way to gradually improve. Give yourself a half-minute break between the sets.

Important tips

  • Perform the exercises slowly without using extra force.
  • Stop the exercise as soon as the inten­ded position cannot be maintained.
  • Start with the simple version.
  • First increase the number of repetitions, then the level of difficulty.
Free movement exercises

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All-body workout for the advanced

If you want more of a challenge, you can target the body’s core muscles with an effective core workout. And there’s more for the lower body too: a workout that targets the legs will ensure stable knees, hips and ankles.

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