4 ideas for your Easter celebration


Those with some time on their hands before the holidays can spend it with their children to make special things to celebrate Easter. Read on for some inspiring ideas.

Salt dough decorations

For this classic home-made decoration, mix two parts flour with one part salt and one part water. To stop the dough getting too sticky, you can add a little cooking oil.

  • Mix the ingredients in this order and knead until the dough no longer sticks to your fingers. Then roll out the dough on a floured work surface to a thickness of 0.5-1cm.
  • Now it’s time to use the cookie cutters. If you’d like to hang up the finished decorations, bore a hole in each one with a little wooden stick. Alternatively, you can pierce wooden sticks into the figures from underneath, which makes a nice stick decoration for flower pots, for example.
  • Now the salt dough figures need to harden. They can either be left to dry for one or two days or put straight in the oven to bake at 120° C for about three hours.
  • Once the figures are hard, they can be painted with acrylic or water colours.
Salt dough decorations
If you’d like to hang up the finished decorations, bore a hole in each one with a little wooden stick.

Easter-themed paper cut-outs

What works at Christmas with a star, also works at Easter with an egg.

  • Fold a coloured sheet of paper in the middle and cut an oval semicircle.
  • When opened, forms an egg shape. You can then cut patterns into the egg: hearts, zig-zags, waves, circles, etc.
  • Unfold and stick to the window. That’s it!

Bunny garlands

  • For the bunny garland, cut a coloured DIN A4 sheet in half lengthwise and then fold like an accordion.
  • Draw the silhouette of a bunny on it and cut the silhouette out.
  • It's important to leave a connection left and right, either by choosing a bunny shape with arms or by leaving a piece of paper on each side.
  • Do the same with the second piece of paper.
  • Glue the two garlands together and hang them up.
Bunny garlands
DIY bunny garlands can look so pretty and are really easy to make.

Easter bunny propagation pot

It's relatively easy to transform empty tins, preserving jars or traditional propagation pots into little bunnies.

  • First, if you wish, spray or paint tins and jars with acrylic paint.
  • Then decorate with rabbit ears, eyes, mouth and whiskers.
  • Finally, fill with soil and your seeds of choice. Particularly quick results are achieved with cress. But also other plants such as the edible cornflower quickly sprout into a cool bunny hairdo.
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