Cycling in Switzerland – tips and cycling routes

Switzerland is ideal for exploring on two wheels. The fun to be had on a bike is endless. From Graubünden to Geneva – discover a range of cycling routes and tips on e-biking, gravel biking, road biking and leisurely cycling.


Cycling tour in the Baselbiet region

40 km up and down on quiet roads in the Oberbaselbiet region.

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Lac de Joux cycle tour

Enjoy the mystical Jura landscape and drink in the wide open views by bike.

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Diemtigtal: Cycling tour

Expansive mountain landscapes on a discovery tour through the Diemtigtal.

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Mountains and valleys on 2 wheels

Cycling and biking certainly rank among the most popular sports in Switzerland. And rightly so, as these sports are fun for people of all ages and the range of excellent tours on our doorstep is huge. With just a leap in the saddle, the adventure begins.

Cycling tours for beginners

Cycling is an ideal endurance sport for beginners. It trains the cardiovascular system, boosts the body’s fat metabolism and is easy on the joints. And as a cyclist you see a lot more than with only your legs to carry you.

Start with flat tours

Start with flat cycling tours. Try to ride one or two gears lower, i.e. with less resistance, and pedal more. This enables your muscles to perform better. A cadence of about 90 revolutions per minute is best. As a beginner, it’s important to pay attention to your heart rate. When cycling at a relaxed pace, it shouldn't exceed 60% to 70% of your maximum heart rate. In other words, it’s ideal if you can still talk while cycling.

Make sure your bike’s in shape

Check your bike before you set off. Have repairs carried out by a specialist.

  • Check the tyres: does the bike run smoothly and do the tyres still have enough tread? Pump the tyres.
  • Test the brakes: functioning brakes are vital. It's often the brake pads that wear out.
  • Adjust the saddle height: to avoid sore spots or posture problems. When the foot is on the pedal at its lowest point, the knee should remain slightly bent. When pausing, the tips of the toes touch the ground.
  • Check the chain: if a chain has long been out of use, the gears may become misaligned. This can lead to the chain rattling, or to unintentional gear shifts.
  • Test the lights: check whether the headlight and tail light are still working.

M check before each ride

Daniel Schefer, managing director of the Swiss Bike School, shows us how to avoid mishaps with a quick safety check before each tour. (in german)
Good to know

All about cycling

Cycling is popular. Whether it’s racing over an Alpine pass, a way of getting to work, or a leisurely cycle along a given path. Cycling makes you fit and is a sustainable way of getting about.


Every year, the average Swiss person covers 320km by bicycle.


In Switzerland, around 2.3 million people ride bicycles. That's around 27% of the Swiss population.


Cycling not only increases stamina, but strengthens the heart too. This lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Not only does a bicycle cause neither noise nor CO2 emissions, it also causes little damage to ground surfaces.

7 tips for pleasurable cycling tours

What could be better than exploring the great outdoors on a bike in warm sunshine? These tips will ensure the success of your next cycling tour.

  1. The right bike: choose the type of bike that’s right for you. Think about where and how much you ride. Do you want to ride like an athlete? Or do you prefer the comfort of sitting? You can find out which frame size is right for you at a bike shop. Be sure to try out the model on a bike tour before you buy it.
  2. Cycling clothing: we recommend a good pair of cycling shorts, a sports shirt and a windproof jacket or vest – and sunglasses. Check out our frequent new offers with attractive prices at the enjoy365 health shop.
  3. Protect your head with a helmet: a fall can happen much faster than you think.
  4. Drinking: when cycling, you sweat at a rate of 1 to 2 litres per hour. Fit a bottle holder and take enough liquid with you.
  5. Every kilometre counts: ride as often as you can and want to. To build endurance levels, we recommend cycling 2-3 times a week.
  6. Reward a healthy lifestyle: find lots more health tips on the active365 app. By making active use of the app, you will collect valuable activePoints and earn up to CHF 600 a year.
  7. Download cycling routes: whether you prefer cycling on the flat or uphill, it’s easier with a suggested route.

Adventures with an e-bike? Of course!

E-bikes aren't only good for getting to work without working up a sweat. With their help, you can also manage longer routes and discover even more places. But be warned: the extra horsepower equates to greater danger. We show you what steps you should take to avoid an accident and which tips help raise safety on an e-bike.

Cycling with children

Children should be proficient at cycling before embarking on a tour. Schedule plenty of breaks and choose a route that only follows cycling paths. The important thing is that everyone has fun! To ensure everyone’s safety, there are a few exercises that can also be done with the children at home in the garden.