Mountain biking & cycling: tips and tour ideas

There’s hardly a better way to discover Switzerland than on the saddle of a bicycle. Whether it’s riding a mountain bike along flowing trails or a road bike over popular Alpine passes, the fun is endless.

Cycling tour in the Baselbiet region

40 km up and down on quiet roads in the Oberbaselbiet region.

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Lac de Joux cycle tour

Enjoy the mystical Jura landscape and drink in the wide open views by bike.

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Diemtigtal: Cycling tour

Expansive mountain landscapes on a discovery tour through the Diemtigtal.

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Mountains and valleys on 2 wheels

Of all the sports in Switzerland, cycling and mountain biking def­i­nite­ly come high on the list. And rightly so, as these sports are fun for people of all ages and the range of excellent tours on our doorstep is huge. With just a leap onto the saddle, the adventure begins.

The key to biking: good balance

From his experience, Daniel Schefer, managing director of the Swiss Bike School says that bikers won’t get far without a good biking technique. In the video, he demonstrates the key basics of a safe technique and tells us how crucial good balance is.

Good to know

Every year, the average Swiss person covers 320km by bicycle.
In Switzerland, around 2.3 million people ride bicycles. That's around 27% of the Swiss population.
Cycling not only trains stamina, but strengthens the heart too. This lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Not only does a bicycle cause neither noise nor CO2 emissions, it also causes little damage to ground surfaces.

Riding safely

It's advisable to do an M-check before taking your bike out on a trip. A loose screw or a bent rim – nothing is more annoying than a mishap on the tour. Precisely to prevent this, it’s worth quickly checking certain parts of your bicycle. The bike expert shows us what’s important.

Daniel Schefer, managing director of the Swiss Bike School, shows us how to avoid mishaps with a quick safety check before each tour. (in german)

Biking with children

Technique is important for young bikers too. To ensure that children get off to a good start when biking, there are a few exercises that can also be done with them at home in the garden. The important thing is that everyone has fun! In the video, Daniel Schefer tells us what gear children need to be supplied with.

Facing bumps and overcoming fear

Have you had it too? A mental block when biking? You’re coming up to a bumpy patch, hesitate for a second and are then forced to dismount. Of course, a certain amount of caution protects us from accidents. On the other hand, fear often creates a mental block, even when the route is do-able. To learn mental strategies to cope with this fear and find out what to do when approaching tough sections, our editor tried her luck on a course.

Bikers on hiking trails?

It’s not always clear on which paths and trails you are allowed to bike and it can also differ from canton to canton. Simple rules and mutual respect are a good start.

Discovering Switzerland

For 30 years, our editor Roland Hügi has been exploring Switzerland on two wheels. For us, he has put to­geth­er a selection of his favourite routes throughout the whole country. From the Jura to Engadin, he unveils places of particular beauty.

Adventures with an e-bike? Of course!

E-bikes aren't only good for getting to work without working up a sweat. With their help, you can also man­age longer routes and discover even more places. But be warned: the extra horsepower equates to greater danger. Our editor shows us what we par­tic­u­lar­ly need to know to prevent accidents and gives tips for added safety on an e-bike.