Back pain after jogging


Back pain is a regular occurrence when jogging. This is often caused by a hollow back posture. Dr Christian Larsen demonstrates an effective exercise for this.

Cause of back pain after jogging

Back pain is a regular occurrence during or after jogging. Although it’s more seldom than foot pain when jogging or knee pain after jogging, it's still possible to remedy.

Jogging with a hollow back posture

A frequent cause of back pain: jogging with a hollow back posture. While jogging, the pelvis tilts forward, increasing the arch in the lumbar spine. This causes permanent strain on the muscles in the lower back – and tension and pain are pre-programmed.

Running expert Dr Larsen explains

Back pain when jogging? Dr Larsen shows where it comes from and how to deal with it. (in german)

Correct a hollow back with the towel exercise

Observation is key to solving the problem: am I aware that I have a hollow back? There’s an effective exercise for this called the “towel exercise”.

Perform: 1 minute, 2- 3 sequences

How to do the towel exercise for the lumbar spine

This exercise optimises pelvic alignment and helps stabilise the core. (in german)

Crossing: a classic exercise from the world of running

When jogging it’s not only important to protect the back – the correct back movement is actually essential if you want to jog efficiently. You can improve your running technique with the crossing exercise, for example.

3 advantages of crossing:

  • pelvis remains stable
  • spine is straight and upright
  • thoracic spine is free to move and rotates to the side

Perform: cross with the right leg for 30-60 seconds, then with the left.

How to do the crossing exercise

Crossing helps to keep the back straight while stabilising the pelvis at the same time. (in german)

It's essential to strengthen the core

A strong core is important for jogging. Professionals automatically integrate core training into their programme. And rightly so: it protects them from injury, overload and also specifically from adopting bad postures such as a hollow back when jogging. Additional core training therefore pays off.

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