Nutrition knowledge

What nutrients are really in your food? Find out how easy it is to eat healthily. Everything you need to know about nutrition.

Zwei Frauen sitzen auf Fenstersims, trinken ein warmes Getränk und geniessen die Zeit zusammen.

Avoid alcohol

Just a short break from alcohol benefits body and mind alike.

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A healthy diet

Principles and healthy key nutrition tips from the experts at a glance.

How it works
A man in the kitchen has washed a whole net of Brussels sprouts and is now preparing them with a knife

Bitter substances

They have a revitalising effect and are especially good for our digestion.

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Histamine intolerance

Intolerance is difficult to diagnose. Systematic elimination is the only way.

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Fructoseintoleranz: So wird sie behandelt

Fructose intolerance

It causes unpleasant symptoms such as flatulence. But what are those exactly?

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Exotische Salzarten = gesunde Salze?

Exotic salts

They may offer new taste sensations, but they’re not healthier.

Tasty seasoning

Lactose intolerance

How to recognise an intolerance and what to do about it.

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Mann bereitet Essen zu in Küche.

Nutrition counselling

Make long-lasting changes to your eating habits with help from professionals.

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