Nutrition knowledge

What’s the secret to healthy eating? What’s really in your food? Discover nutrition myths and interesting facts about food – arming yourself with knowledge will help you eat more healthily.


Superfood buckwheat

Healthy, gluten-free and a native crop.

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Fermented food: our favourites
Fermented food

How does fermented food affect your intestinal flora?

Fermented food
The cholesterol in an egg: are eggs healthy?
Are eggs healthy?

The yolk of the egg contains many valuable nutrients – and a lot of cholesterol.

Are eggs healthy?
Vegetable protein sources

When looking for vegetable proteins, there are many foods to choose from. Pulses, nuts and cereals are good suppliers.

Vegetable proteins
Edible wild plants: native herbs and their effects
Edible wild plants

Nettles, wild garlic and co.: 5 edible wild herbs that have a beneficial effect and add variety to your cooking.

Edible wild plants
Myth 1: does coffee dehydrate the body?
Does coffee dehydrate the body?

Should we drink a glass of water with our coffee to compensate for the loss of fluid? We find out whether this is really necessary.

Nutritional myths
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Change your diet

Learn how to enjoy a varied, balanced and nutritious diet.

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Stimulate your digestion through exercise

It couldn’t be easier with our 10-minute yoga flow.

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Change your diet
Learn how to enjoy a varied, balanced and nutritious diet.
How mycoach works
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