Nutrition knowledge

What nutrients are really in your food? Find out how easy it is to eat healthily. Everything you need to know about nutrition.

Histamine intolerance

Intolerance is difficult to diagnose. Systematic elimination is the only way.

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Fructoseintoleranz: So wird sie behandelt
Fructose intolerance

It causes unpleasant symptoms such as flatulence. But what are those exactly?

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Exotische Salzarten = gesunde Salze?
Exotic salts

They may offer new taste sensations, but they’re not healthier.

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Lactose intolerance

How to recognise an intolerance and what to do about it.

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Wirkung von Pfefferminztee und regionalen Teesorten
Types of tea & their effects

Our many different types of tea, including peppermint tea, soothe all kinds of ills.

Native herbs
Food intolerance

Intolerance or allergy? Find out everything you need to know and when a test is advisable.

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Christmas spices

These are the effects that cinnamon and similar spices have on our health.

BCAAs als Eiweiss Nahrungsergänzungsmittel
BCCA supplement?

In most cases, a person’s BCAA (amino acids) requirement is covered by their diet.

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Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D performs important functions in the body. When a deficiency exists and which supplements are available.

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