Nutrition knowledge

What nutrients are really in your food? Find out how easy it is to eat healthily. Everything you need to know about nutrition.

Magical root turmeric

How does the magical root affect our health?

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The pseudocereal checklist

What are these grain alternatives, and how healthy are they really?

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How healthy is spicy food?

From turbocharging our gastrointestinal tract to remedying a cold.

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Healthy oils and fats

Which oil is suited to heating, which is rich in healthy fatty acids?

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Glutamate explained

Eggs seasoned with Aromat: how harmful is this glutamate flavour enhancer?

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Natural sugar substitutes

How healthy are agave syrup, coconut sugar, xylitol and co.?

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Track your diet

Counting calories is tedious. Food tracking apps are designed to help.

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Wheat germ oil

The precious wheat germ contains valuable fatty acids and vitamin E.

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Lemon in the morning

Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning and start the day feeling healthy and energetic.

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active365 rewards app

Earn up to CHF 600

Like to keep fit and eat healthily? Carry on – active365 motivates and rewards you.

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