Cook healthy meals that are easy to prepare and taste really good. These recipes will add a bit of variety to your meals.

Pink couscous bowl

The ideal and healthy recipe when you need to be quick in the kitchen.

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Light couscous salad

Cooking good food with little effort: a couscous salad for warm summer days.

Recipe with antipasti
Proteinshakes selber machen: 3 Rezepte
Natural protein shakes

Home-made shakes are healthier and quick to make.

3 simple recipes
Pickled beetroot

Not only gherkins can be pickled. Pickled beetroot tastes just as good.

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Baos with kimchi filling

Make Chinese dumplings yourself? We propose a vegetarian option.

How to make them
Chicken soup with bean sprouts

Warming and spicy: the robust soyu chicken soup takes a little time, but it's worth it!

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Winter snacks

Looking for some simple winter recipe ideas for your next party?

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Smoothie bowl

With its vitamin B and omega-3, the smoothie bowl helps lift a low mood.

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Vegetable & rice stir-fry

The body needs sufficient protein to carry out a number of different cell processes.

Protein-rich cooking
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