The amazing human body

The human body is a marvel of nature. Read interesting facts and find tips for a healthy lifestyle.


Epileptic seizure

With simple rules you’ll find out how to act correctly in an emergency.

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Underactive thyroid

Without enough thyroid hormones, the body cannot function properly.

Symptoms & therapy

What do placebos achieve?

Placebos ease symptoms by activating the body's own mechanisms.

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Dry eyes

Dry eyes can be unpleasant or painful. Simple home remedies are often enough to help.

Helpful home remedies

Epigenetics in simple terms

Our environment influences our genetic make-up and that of our unborn children.

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Causes of migraine

Although the exact causes of migraine are unclear, it’s helpful to look at the triggers.

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Living with diabetes

What you need to know about type 2 diabetes & how to support people with the condition.

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