The amazing human body

The human body and all the extraordinary things it can do are endlessly fascinating. This makes it all the more important to give it time to rest and relax.


Superhero with a prosthesis

Michel Fornasier, alias Bionicman, combats bullying.

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Detecting breast cancer

Monthly self-examination is important for early detection of the disease.

Snow blindness: sunburn in the eyes
Snow blindness

On sunny days in the snow, it’s important to protect your eyes.

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PC, Smarphone und Co.: Wie beeinflussen sie die Hirnentwicklung?
Does the use of screen media affect the brain’s development?

Smartphones, tablets, computers: do they really make children dumb?

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Ist Tinnitus heilbar?
Learning to live with tinnitus

For extremely stressful chronic tinnitus, treatment in a clinic is helpful.

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Mann liegt krank auf dem Sofa

Should I go to the doctor or not?

myGuide checks your medical symptoms and gives you advice.

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Kochen und Junge deckt Tisch

Nutritional knowledge

What’s the secret to healthy eating? Find out everything you need to know about nutrition.

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Frau am Smartphone - Katze streicht um sie herum
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Do everything digitally

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