Frau läuft barfuss

Fall prevention

Do you sometimes feel unsteady on your feet? Or perhaps you suffer from dizziness or impaired vision? All of these factors can increase your risk of falling. We’ve joined forces with Rheumaliga Schweiz, the Swiss League Against Rheumatism, to advise you on reducing your risk of falling. This offer is aimed at older people who still lead an independent life.

The advantages for you

  • Together, we check what you can do to hazard-proof your home.
  • You are given your own exercise programme to help build up your strength and improve your balance.

Good to know

Falls are part of life
Every third person over the age of 65 experiences a fall at least once a year.
Live independently for longer
Balance exercises increase your steadiness and give you a sense of security in your everyday life.
Talk about it
There is no reason to be ashamed of falling. Speak openly about it, even when it comes to apparently harmless falls.

How it works

The fall prevention session takes place at your home. Professional physiotherapists and ergotherapists will check your home for tripping and slipping hazards. You’ll be given a personalised programme of exercises to improve your balance and strength.

Contact Rheumaliga Schweiz directly to arrange an appointment. One of its experts will then suggest a date and time to visit you.