Stomach & digestion

Digestion is a complex process. Find out more about your stomach and digestive system, and read our health tips.

The young woman sits hunched over on the bed, holding her stomach in pain.

Stressed gut

Why stress has a negative impact on gut health and what helps.

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Die Frau sitzt im Schneidersitz am Boden und isst einen ballaststoffreichen Salat-Teller mit der Kabel.

Fibre for the gut

It’s both indigestible and indispensable for our micro-organisms.

Find out why
Diese Tipps helfen gegen Verstopfung


The right diet, more exercise and less stress can help.

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Eine Frau im Badezimmer sitzt auf der Toilette und schaut in ihr Smartphone.


A subject that is commonly avoided even though many people are affected.

What helps

Air in the stomach

Flatulence is unpleasant but generally harmless. Household remedies often help.

Help with flatulence

Alleviating heartburn

The best home remedies against the unpleasant reflux of stomach acid into the oesophagus.

Fast relief

Stomach pain

A sharp, burning, pressing or stabbing pain: the stomach shows in its own way that something is wrong.

First aid tips

Building a healthy microbiome

Trillions of bacteria in our body protect us from diseases.

How it’s done

When our stomach rumbles

Besides its role in the digestive process, the stomach has another function: signalling satiety.

Anatomy of the stomach
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