Anti-stress coaching

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Anti-stress coaching will teach you how to cope better with stress and make it easier for you to overcome challenges.

The advantages for you

  • You get a professional assessment of your own personal stress situation.
  • Personal goals and solutions will empower you to better handle situations that trigger stress.
  • For persons insured with CSS, the first consultation with a Health Coach is free of charge.
  • You’ll discover which offers and services you can benefit from immediately, such as active365 and offers related to mental health from the Health Account.

Good to know

Coping with stress
You'll learn a lot of worthwhile facts about resilience and stress management.
Maintaining balance
You'll know how to cope better with everyday stresses and strains.
Expert advice
You'll receive counselling from trained psychologists.

How the counselling works

You discuss your current situation with your health coach. This lets you identify your stressors and look for ways to reduce them. Your agreed goals will empower you to cope better with stress, change or crises. Relaxation exercises will help you get on with your everyday life.

Book an appointment online

Are you interested in a consultation with a CSS Health Coach? Then go ahead and book your appointment online.

Frequently asked questions

For persons insured with CSS, the first consultation is free of charge.

The first session generally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Further steps will then be discussed.

Yes. The CSS Health Coaches are obliged to maintain professional secrecy and comply with strict data protection provisions. The consultation will have no effect on your insurance.

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