Everyone with a strenuous daily routine should actively seek to relax. Practice mindfulness throughout the day and relax thanks to these tips.

Respiratory therapy

What is respiratory therapy and to which medical conditions can it be applied?

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The effect of meditation

Finding inner peace: various techniques help with relaxation.

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Mindfulness training

For everyday: four experts share their favourite exercises with us.

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Doing good does us good

The act of giving contributes to our happiness. This is scientifically proven.

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Positive thinking

Can we boost our health with positive thinking?

Simple tips
Forest bathing

Forest bathing is a balm for body, spirit and soul. Feel the soothing effects of nature.

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Welche Wirkung hat Musiktherapie?
Music therapy heals and liberates

Transforming feelings and experiences into sound helps people process difficulties.

An insight into the therapy
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Unglücklicher Mann
Online psychological training

Negative thoughts?

Get effective help when depressed or feeling down.

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