More and more people feel stressed. The consequences are by no means harmless. We help you recognise stress at an early stage and do something about it.

How sport helps relieve stress

Sport to beat stress

Tips for a moderate work-out that fits easily into your daily life.

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How to combat stress?
Reduce stress

There are countless ways of beating stress. We’ve collected our favourites.

8 simple tips
Do we produce our own stress?
Do we produce our own stress?

How much influence do we ourselves have in managing stress?

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Stress Symptome: So macht sich Stress bemerkbar
How do I recognise stress?

Stress manifests itself in different ways, and stomach pain and dizziness are typical symptoms.

Stress symptoms
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Online psychological training

Mind in balance

Suffering from low spirits or worries? Get effective help online.

Stop the negative spiral
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Sleep better

Sleep hygiene, power napping and sleep training – what really helps?

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