Feeling stressed? Find out why stress is unhealthy, how to recognise it and what you can do about it. Find your own way of dealing with stress – we’ll help.

Cycle of overthinking

Thoughts are spinning round & round in our head. We explain how to relax the mind.

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Inherited trauma

What leads to trauma being passed down through several generations.

Overcoming the past
Trauma therapy

How a trauma develops and which methods help to overcome it.

Processing trauma
Transcending limits

Extreme mountain climber Evelyne Binsack explains how she recognises her limits.

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How to combat stress?
Reduce stress

There are countless ways of beating stress. We’ve collected our favourites.

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Stress Symptome: So macht sich Stress bemerkbar
How do I recognise stress?

Stress manifests in different ways, from stomach pain to dizziness.

Stress symptoms
The magic of physical contact

Physical contact is incredibly important for our development from an early age.

The effects of hugs
Mental hygiene

Like our body, we should also take care of our mental health. How can this be achieved?

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How sport helps relieve stress

Tips for a moderate level of training that fits easily into your daily life.

How sport helps
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Unglücklicher Mann
Online psychological training

Negative thoughts?

Get effective help when depressed or feeling down.

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