Nutritional myth 1: does coffee dehydrate the body?

Myth 1: does coffee dehydrate the body?

Coffee drinkers are advised to drink a glass of water with their coffee. This is supposed to compensate for the loss of fluid that results from the dehydrating effect of the caffeine. However, this advice is false and is based on misinterpretations of data from previous studies.

A glas of water and a cup of coffee?

Today we know that a glass of water and a cup of coffee have the same effect on the body’s fluid levels. Although the caffeine contained in coffee has a diuretic and sodium-secreting effect, the body can easily compensate for this on a daily basis. Three to four cups of coffee per day are considered moderate and can be safely counted towards the recommended daily fluid intake of 1.5 litres. So if you drink a glass of water with your coffee, you have actually doubled your fluid intake.

Coffee is healthy

An independent study published last year in the British Medical Journal shows the many positive effects of coffee. People who consume three to four cups a day experience the strongest health effects. According to the study, coffee has 19 positive effects, including a reduction in the risk of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, depression and liver disease. Your metabolism and cardiovascular system also benefit as drinking coffee reduces the risk of a heart attack or a stroke, for example. This is due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the countless substances contained in roasted coffee.

And what happens if more coffee is drunk than recommended?

Nothing, according to the study. But the beneficial health effects were less pronounced if more than three to four cups of coffee were consumed per day.


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