Bones & muscles

Strong bones and healthy muscles are important to our sense of well-being. Activity and exercise play a major role in this. Read on to find out what helps for pain and discover exercises that really work.

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What is fascia?

Our connective tissue protects and supports our bodies and supplies our organs.

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Help for lumbago

Raise legs, apply warmth: what you can do to help yourself with lumbago.

Helping yourself
Uterine descent

Excessive pressure on the pelvic floor can cause the uterus to drop.

What helps
Stiff joints in the morning

Can you hardly move after waking up? How to get going.

Exercises and tips
Getting rid of joint pain

During the menopause and in old age, joint pain often occurs due to oestrogen deficiency.

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Joint pain

Starting physical activity without joint pain: these exercises will get your hips moving again.

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Online training for pain

Ease tension

Try out the medicalmotion app for free for a week.

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