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Online training for anxiety

Are you plagued by worries and anxiety? Do you suffer from panic attacks? Anxiety is an important emotion that serves to alert us to danger. However, when it occurs in non-threatening situations, it can have a significant effect on our daily lives. Our "velibra" online training helps you understand and manage your feelings of anxiety.

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The advantages for you

  • Anxiety or panic attacks: you get a tailored support package.
  • The programme is available 24/7, and can also be accessed via smartphone or tablet.
  • Instructions on how to gradually expose yourself to situations that trigger anxiety.
  • Helpful visualisation and relaxation exercises.
  • A clinical trial has shown the programme to be effective.

Good to know

Not a substitute for a doctor
Online training of anxiety complements your doctor’s advice, but is not intended as a substitute.
Data protection
We place top priority on discretion and data privacy. Signing up for the training will have no effect on your insurance.
Developed by experts
Doctors and psychologists were involved in developing the software. It's now even being used by psychotherapists.

How it works

The "velibra" online training for anxiety from GAIA AG guides you through exercises and techniques over six months. These will help reduce your anxiety and give you access to relaxation methods you can use in acute situations. You'll also learn how to challenge thought patterns that encourage your fears, and build your confidence in managing your anxiety step by step – allowing you to enjoy a more carefree life.

velibra® is a medical device produced by GAIA AG that bears the CE marking. As the manufacturer of velibra® , GAIA AG is responsible for compliance with the relevant regulations and provisions.

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