Sport and exercise tips

It’s easy to make sport and exercise an integral part of your everyday routine and lead a healthier life in the long term. These tips will help you get started.

Smartwatch test report

Yaël S. tracks her sport and sleep activities with a smartwatch and discovers a number of features.

Only a gimmick?
Tracking sports

A client tests the smartwatch while practising sport & shows how useful it is.

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Smartwatch test

Nicole puts a smartwatch to the test and tells us which results are useful.

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Sicher unterwegs mit dem E-Bike? Ja, klar doch!
Safety on an e-bike

Just a few precautions can prevent accidents.

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Childhood games

These 10 playground skills for adults exercise strength and balance.

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Frau dehnt ihren Oberkörper.
Fitter thanks to a smartwatch

Like smartphones, smartwatches have become our constant companions.

Tips before you buy
Schrittzähler: Tipps zum langfristigen Erfolg
How many steps per day?

Simple tips for sustainably integrating more movement into our daily routine.

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6 Balance Pad exercises

From easy to difficult: Balance Pad exercises for balance and core.

Effective training
Posture shirts

Posture shirts are designed to help relieve back pain.

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