Discover hiking tips, suggested routes and ideas for family outings. As the health partner of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), we’re a big fan of hiking in Switzerland.


Hiking in St. Gallen

Centrally located and easy to reach, the Spitzmeilen hut lies south of Flums.

Spitzmeilen hut

Tick bites

Take care when out and about in nature, as ticks can transmit diseases.

Protect yourself

Hiking with poles

In some situations, it's worth taking hiking poles along.

How to decide
Sicher wandern in den Bergen

Hiking safely

Essential information for staying safe in the mountains.

Important tips

Sites of natural energy

Superstition or science? What lies behind these sites of natural energy and where they are found.

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Hiking in Schwyz

Plenty of animals can be observed on this wide alp, including eagles and marmots.

Glattalp hut

Hiking in Valais

The hut’s special attraction is its spectacular view over Switzerland’s 4'000 m peaks.

Weissmies hut

Hiking in Uri

The climbing paradise for young and old in the Erstfelder valley.

Krönten hut
Beim Wandern geniesst eine Familie ihre Picknick-Pause

Healthy snacks

Provisions rich in fibre will ensure you have plenty of energy for your mountain hike.

Food and drink tips
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Exercise coaching

Move more each day. How to stay motivated.

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