Regular exercises help us keep our body healthy. But they can also help with complaints. Whether building muscles or relaxation – it’s worth making workouts a part of your daily routine.

Strengthen the pelvic floor

There are all kinds of methods: from classic yoga or Pilates through to hula hoops.

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6 Knie Übungen: Dieses Training schützt das Knie
Knee exercises

Physiotherapist demonstrates effective exercises to stabilise the knee.

Injury prevention
Aquafit exercises

You can easily fit some aquafit into your next swim at the pool.

Here’s how
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Stimulate the digestive system

Rather than a strenuous workout, find relief from digestion problems with gentle yoga.

10-minute yoga flow
Exercises with a mini band

Simple and effective training with a mini band for at home and on the go.

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Learn to do the handstand

Learn to do the handstand in just a few steps. These exercises will show you how.

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Learn to do the splits

You’ll need to do these 5 stretching exercises to do the splits.

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Gymnastic ball exercises

That training with a gymnastic ball is a great form of exercise is a well-established fact.

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Fit for the slopes

To kick off the skiing season feeling as fit and safe as possible, it’s worth doing a few exercises.

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