Regular exercises help us keep our body healthy. But they can also help with complaints. Whether building muscles or relaxation – it’s worth making workouts a part of your daily routine.

6 Knie Übungen: Dieses Training schützt das Knie
Knee exercises

Physiotherapist demonstrates effective exercises to stabilise the knee.

Injury prevention
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Stimulate the digestive system

Rather than a strenuous workout, find relief from digestion problems with gentle yoga.

10-minute yoga flow
Exercises with a mini band

Simple and effective training with a mini band for at home and on the go.

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Learn to do the handstand

Learn to do the handstand in just a few steps. These exercises will show you how.

Here’s how
Learn to do the splits

You’ll need to do these 5 stretching exercises to do the splits.

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Gymnastic ball exercises

That training with a gymnastic ball is a great form of exercise is a well-established fact.

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Fit for the slopes

To kick off the skiing season feeling as fit and safe as possible, it’s worth doing a few exercises.

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Training with core sliders

Slippery, space-saving and effective – training with core sliders is worth the effort.

11 effective exercises
5 exercises for balance

Balance training for beginners and the more advanced – simple, and achievable at home.

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