Warming recipe: shoyu chicken soup


Making a good chicken stock takes time. The ramen experts from «Sudelnuppe» share their basic recipe.

Shoyu chicken soup with bean sprouts

The secret to this particularly robust chicken stock is the slow extraction of the collagen from the bone. This results in a rich but still clear stock.

Ingredients for 4 persons

500g organic chicken carcasses (chicken backs)
50g chicken feet
4l water
Spring onions and bean sprouts to garnish


  1. Bring a large pan of water to the boil and boil the carcasses and feet for about 5 minutes.
  2. Drain the water and rinse the bones and feet with cold water. Remove the nails from the feet with scissors.
  3. Put the clean carcasses and feet in 4 litres of cold water, bring to the boil once and then leave on a low heat with the lid ajar for 24-48 hours until about half the water has evaporated.
  4. Carefully strain the stock through a straining cloth.
  5. Season the stock with salt or shoyu tare to taste.

Bouillon – a French cuisine classic

Bouillon comes from French and means «clear broth». Traditionally, the aromatic broth was cooked as meat broth. In the meantime, however, the vegetable version has taken over in popularity.

A nicely warming soup

A good bouillon works wonders, being nicely warming and pleasantly aromatic at the same time. If you’re out in cold weather or simply want something that's good for you at home, you can make bouillon quite easily with powder from a pack – or opt for the more elaborate homemade version.

Sometimes a good meal needs a little time

The «Sudelnuppe» team knows well that good food sometimes needs time. The ramen specialists from Zurich cook original Asian recipes with local products. Tonkotsu with sauerkraut? Miso ramen with kimchi? Of course! Sometimes it's worth investing time in processing vegetables. Fermenting, for example, is a time-consuming method but you’re rewarded with vegetables that are easier on the stomach and aid digestion.

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