Winter mocktails: the best non-alcoholic drinks for cold days

Eine Gruppe Menschen sitzt in einem warmen Lokal und geniesst die gute Zeit bei einem Drink.

It's especially around the festive season that a lot of alcohol is often consumed. But for those who don’t drink, or are taking a break from alcohol, there are plenty of creative mocktails to enjoy. The recipes below aren't only a healthier non-alcoholic alternative, they also bring warmth to the cold months.

Dry January with mocktails

Going without alcohol from time to time has many benefits. For example, it’s a good idea to take a month off after the festive season – with what’s known as Dry January. But abstaining from alcohol doesn’t mean abstaining from pleasure. Our winter mocktails are a delicious and simple alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Recipe for Apple Cinnamon Hygge – the Scandinavian mocktail

Have you heard of “Hygge”? It’s a Scandinavian word that comes up a lot, especially in winter, and alludes to the feeling of warm candlelight and woolly socks. Terms like cosy, pleasant and warm probably come closest. With this in mind, our Apple Cinnamon Hygge winter mocktail is just the thing to bring this cosy feeling to your home.

Ingredients for this drink

2 apples
400ml kefir (cold)
2 pinches cinnamon
4tsp. honey
Blender or hand mixer

Recipe for Apple Cinnamon Hygge – the Scandinavian mocktail
Apple Cinnamon Hygge, a mocktail with cinnamon and apples.


  1. Cut the apple into small pieces and place in a blender (or a suitable container if using a hand mixer). Add the honey (or honey diluted with water), kefir and cinnamon.
  2. Mix well so that the drink resembles a smoothie and no pieces of apple remain.
  3. Holding a sieve over a large glass, pour the Apple Cinnamon Hygge drink into the glass.

Dragon’s Blood recipe: simple, fruity, delicious

Just shake! This fruity, non-alcoholic cocktail doesn't take much time or special skill to make – and yet you're in for a real juicy treat this winter.


20ml grenadine syrup
20ml lemon juice
80ml cherry juice
80ml passion fruit juice
Ice cubes and shaker


It couldn't be easier: grab a shaker, add ice and all the ingredients. Shake well, pour into a glass and you're done!

The finishing touch: fresh orange slices not only taste delicious, they’re eye-catching too.

Dragon’s Blood recipe: simple, fruity, delicious
The fruity non-alcoholic cocktail – Dragon’s Blood.

Recipe: Forget the Coldness – vitamins for the cold weather

The windows are fogged up, snowflakes are settling on trees and bare branches. Our “Forget the Coldness” winter mocktail is packed with vitamins and is a refreshing drink to sweeten up the cold months. The ingredients on the list are quickly bought. What’s especially good: this drink boosts your immune system and raises your spirits.


3 oranges
2 mandarins
3 dates
1 pinch of cinnamon powder
Blender and skewers


  1. Peel the oranges and mandarins and remove the stones from the dates.
  2. Place the 3 ingredients in a carafe, add the cinnamon and blend well with a mixer.
  3. Pour the juice through a sieve into a suitable glass.

The finishing touch: thread mandarins and dates onto a long skewer and place over the glass.

Recipe: Forget the Coldness – vitamins for the cold weather
Forget the Coldness, the mocktail for really cold winter days.

How about a shot?

Cocktails without alcohol aren't the only option: non-alcoholic shots are also available, which even boost our health. Ginger shots are particularly popular. These consist of a high dose of ginger in liquid form. And what do they do? They energise the body – and warm it from the inside.

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