6 Balance Pad exercises: the special touch for balance training

6 Balance Pad exercises: the special touch for balance training

Balance training is important, that’s for sure. But what many people forget is that to train your balance effectively, you need to get creative. We show you how to add variety to your training.

What is a Balance Pad?

Balance Pad is a product name belonging to the Airex company. Ultimately a Balance Pad is nothing more than a small, thick mat made of special foam.

Balance Pad alternatives

In the meantime, a whole array of cheaper alternatives to the original product have been developed. For pragmatists, other options include a thickish pillow, a rolled-up gym mat, or a foam cushion from the DIY store or anything similar. Feel free to use your creativity – different textures raise the difficulty level of the exercises.

Balance Pad – the special touch for your training

Balance training doesn’t always need equipment, that’s for sure. Simple balance exercises can be easily adapted to prevent boredom setting in. The Balance Pad is excellent for adding that special touch to your balance training.

Why is training with the Balance Pad exercises so productive?

The soft mat causes the body to also flex the small muscle groups that aren't normally used, and perfects muscle interaction. In other words, the Balance Pad enables us to train our balance and core stability even more effectively.

The best Balance Pad exercises

What to note when training with a Balance Pad

  • Three point stand: firmly anchor your foot with the ball of the big toe, ball of the little toe and the heel. Distribute your weight evenly over your entire foot.
  • Relaxed nape: keep the nape of your neck as relaxed as possible. Maintain the head as an extension of the spine during all the exercises.
  • Duration: strenuous training is permitted – a little trembling is acceptable. However, only do the exercises for as long as you feel safe.
  • Safety: hold on to a railing if you feel unsafe. This way you can support yourself any time you need to.
  • Effect: be sure to vary the exercises as much as possible, as this is what makes balance training effective. As soon as you get bored, try a new variation. Whether you close your eyes, look sideways or upwards – be as creative as you wish.

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