20 minutes of yoga for more balance


The body isn't always in balance. This is most evident when practising yoga. Sometimes even the simplest exercise throws us off balance. This is when a yoga session is the most effective as it's the synthesis of balance, breathing, strength training and stretching that returns us to our roots.

Yoga for more balance

During a stressful day, we often forget our balance. Not just our physical balance, but our mental balance too. Carmen Felder practises yoga on a daily basis to specifically work on this. For her, yoga is the perfect combination of core training, relaxation and balance training, and this is what she has put together in our 20-minute yoga flow.

20-minute yoga flow

For yoga teacher Carmen Felder, yoga is the perfect combination of core training, relaxation and balance training. This is what she has put together in our 20-minute yoga flow. (in german)

6 yoga poses for balance

To train your balance, there are other yoga poses besides classic poses like the eagle. With these 6 yoga poses, you can test the balance of your whole body and find out where there is scope for improvement.

Plank: shoulders are set, head relaxed

How to do the plank: set your shoulders, keep your back straight, feet mat wide. Don’t let your pelvis drop. Important: shoulders are set and the head relaxed. (in german)

Side plank: effective for whole body balance

How to do the side plank: keep your back straight, arms in one line, look ahead or at the ceiling. Simple variation: place lower knee on floor. (in german)
The side plank is probably not most people’s favourite exercise but it’s highly effective for total body balance.
Carmen Felder, yoga teacher

Table top pose for a stable core

This pose focuses on core stability. Shoulders are in line with the wrists, feet flexed, back and pelvis straight. (in german)

Chair pose strengthens the calves

Chair pose is an effective exercise for balance and is also good training for the calves: back is straight, shoulders set. (in german)


This tricky flamingo pose requires coordination and balance: the foot is flexed but beginners can use yoga blocks for support. (in german)
I find balance exercises in yoga particularly difficult. In my everyday life too, it's sometimes a challenge to find the right balance. Yoga doesn’t just train my balance – I also try to integrate what I learn on the mat into my everyday life.
Carmen Felder, yoga teacher

Lunge twist: the twist also challenges your balance

Instead of facing forward as in the classic lunge, we take our balance to the next level with a twist: knee is in line with the ankle, back straight, upper body slightly leant back, gaze looks back. (in german)

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