Reduce stress: 8 simple tips

How to combat stress?

There are countless ways of beating stress. Discover our best tips here.

How stress manifests

From stomach pain to dizziness: stress can be damaging, and on sev­er­al levels. People who are stressed react irritably and aggressively, are suspicious, withdraw and no longer communicate properly.

Consequences of stress

Relentless stress is one of the most common causes of heart and circulatory problems, dizziness and breathing difficulties. Other symptoms often triggered or aggravated by stress include headaches and back pain. People who are frequently stressed are exhausted more quickly and more often, and have a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and psychological medical conditions.

Eight tips to relieve stress

Reducing stress is therefore important both in the short and long term. Even small exercises and changes to your daily lifestyle can help to reduce stress.

Prevent stress by putting away your smartphone

Although modern devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops can make our lives easier, many people stress themselves unnecessarily by needing or wanting to be permanently available. Why not make a phone-free day and lock your phone away? You’ll be amazed at how relaxing it can be.

Stress management with a to do list

Do you sometimes lose track of all the things you have to do? Try making a to do list. You’ll see in black and white what you’ve managed to get done. This provides enormous relief and reduces stress.

The therapeutic effect of water on stress

The body identifies stress as a state of emergency. Our blood pressure rises, blood supply to the muscles increases, and concentration and brain performance levels decrease. Drinking water can at least help to alleviate these effects, because water is absolutely essential for the brain – which is where the stress arises.

Putting a few drops behind your ears or running cold water over your wrists can reduce stress.

Small breaks to reduce stress

Every break, no matter how short, represents a small escape. Instead of writing an email to your next-door colleague, walk the few steps over to their desk. Or get yourself a coffee in the canteen. This gets your body and mind moving and stimulates creativity.

Look at holiday photos

Where is the best place to relax and leave all your worries behind? On holiday of course. In a tense situation, you can recreate this effect to some extent by going through your holiday pictures and re-living the memories. The effect is enhanced if you play soft music and inhale a pleasant scent.

Stress-busting stress balls

Various aids exist to relieve stress. Stress balls, for example, help with acute stress symptoms. Breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques also soothe stress.

Laughter is the best medicine for stress

Laughing, along with exercise, is perhaps the best way to relieve stress. When we laugh, we release the happiness hormone serotonin. Even just a relaxed smile is enough to make the initial stress disappear.

Counteract stress with exercise

Exercise like dancing, for example, is not only strenuous but burns calories. And most people also find it fun. An ideal combination for tackling stress.

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