SUP yoga – a workout on the water


SUP yoga combines the two trending sports of stand-up paddling and yoga – and offers not only an experience in natural surroundings but an efficient way of training stability and flexibility.

What is SUP yoga?

Since the late nineties, the yoga movement in Switzerland has developed consistently. One example of this is SUP yoga. As the name suggests, yoga is practised on a wobbling stand-up paddle board. In other words, the SUP board replaces the mat and the session takes place on the water instead of in the yoga studio.

What do you need to train on the water?

You don't need any special gear for SUP yoga. Just substitute your yoga outfit for swimwear or quick-dry sportswear. Depending on the weather, sunglasses and sunscreen may also be important.

Rental and group course

Anyone wishing to practise SUP yoga on their own can find a place to rent a SUP board at many lakes. Those who prefer group yoga courses can also practise on the water. Increasingly more yoga studios are offering yoga courses on SUP boards.

SUP Yoga – Koordination und Stabilität auf dem Wasser

How does SUP yoga strengthen the body?

Keeping your balance on the waves strengthens the body’s deep muscles. All these little muscles are responsible for stabilising the spine and protecting the body from injury.

Coordination on the water

Besides deep stability, SUP yoga trains coordination. "Coordination" describes a mixture of reaction, rhythm, balance, differentiation and spatial orientation skills. These skills can't be seen in complete separation. SUP yoga trains almost all these skills at the same time. Even if you can get the same effect from training on firm ground, the moving surface of the water heightens the challenge.

Who is SUP yoga suitable for?

SUP yoga is not only suitable for experienced yogis but also for yoga beginners. For those new to the sport, a wide SUP board with a rounded bow is best: the wider and thicker the board, the more stable it is on water. SUP yoga is also a little easier in the morning, as the water is calmest at this time of day.

Strength and balance

Even if you’ve been practising yoga for a long time, SUP yoga offers a new experience and therefore variety. The yoga exercises on the water provide an extra challenge for the body and strengthen the interaction between strength and balance.

Conclusion: as difficulty levels can be adjusted, SUP yoga is suitable for all those who enjoy yoga, water sports, exercising in a natural environment and want to try something new for a change.

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