This is what sends viruses packing

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Not every virus that infects us makes us really sick. But, particularly in face of the corona pandemic, the question arises: what can I do to keep viruses away?

Our body is constantly battling against germs and viruses. And, although there's no universal remedy, we don’t have to admit defeat just like that. On the contrary, there is plenty we can do to stave off the nasty aggressors.

Get active


Although you can’t simply run away from a virus, plenty of exercise and sport help strengthen the immune system – our protective wall against intruders.


Admittedly, laughter alone isn't enough to deter a virus. But people who laugh a lot and are happy strengthen their psyche. This activates their defence cells and boosts their resistance.

Clean air

Almost no-one gets infected on the top of a mountain – unless 500 other people are up there too. In other words, viruses thrive where people are. And the cleaner the air, the fewer viruses there are buzzing around. This is why it's important to regularly air rooms where people congregate.

Healthy food for strong defences


smoking attacks the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. And people who go overboard with their alcohol consumption aren't doing their body any good. For this reason, it's a good idea to avoid toxins that attack the immune system.

Healthy diet

people who eat a healthy diet aren't automatically protected from a viral infection. But eating healthily helps bolster the «firewall» against viruses.

Antiviral plants

Certain plants are said to have antiviral properties. The list includes garlic, cistus and echinacea. These plants can help the body combat harmful viruses.

Physical wellness


A scientific experiment showed that people who sleep enough are less susceptible to cold viruses.


Constantly living with stress makes us more susceptible to illness. Relaxation methods such as yoga have a beneficial effect on the immune system.


One visit to the sauna isn't enough to rid the body of harmful viruses. However, regular sauna goers will have stronger immune systems. Which isn't good news for viruses.

Protecting the body

Clean hands

This is a horror for every virus: freshly washed or disinfected hands and surfaces. Cleanliness is therefore the be all and end all in preventing the spread of viruses.


Many common childhood diseases – measles, for example – have been eliminated by vaccines. For others – like influenza – the success rate varies. Ultimately, the corona vaccine has yet to show what it can do.

Alcohol myths

The idea that we can kill viruses by consuming schnapps is an alcoholic’s wistful dream. After all, viruses are located in the respiratory tract and not in the stomach, where the alcohol ends up. The better way of using high-proof alcohol is to disinfect surfaces and hands with it.

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