This is what sends viruses packing – 6 tips


Keeping your distance and dis­in­fect­ing your hands has now become part of everyday life. But there are other ways to keep viruses away. Here are our 6 tips.

Protecting the body

Not every virus that infects us makes us really sick. We can keep many viruses at bay by boosting our immune system. Plenty of exercise, a varied diet and sufficient fluid intake all strengthen our natural defences. But what else can I do to protect myself – especially in winter?

Tip 1: Clean, but not sterile

Freshly washed or disinfected hands and surfaces are a horror for every virus. But we shouldn't overdo it – after all, certain bacteria and viruses train our immune system.

Tip 2: Get out into nature

Viruses thrive where people are. And the cleaner the air, the fewer viruses there are buzzing around. Even a little dirt does our immune system no harm.

Tip 3: Air regularly

Viruses love enclosed spaces. They can multiply rapidly in just a short space of time. So, whether at work or at home: regular airing reduces the risk of infection.

Air efficiently

Ventilate rooms properly several times a day. 5 to 10 minutes is enough to provide the right amount of fresh air.

Tip 4: Use anti-viral home remedies

Certain plants are not only effective when we've already caught something, they can also be used preventively to help our bodies fight off those nasty viruses.

Home remedies include
  • Garlic
  • Cistus
  • Ginger
  • Echinacea
A dry cough: the best household remedies

Cistus tea

Cistus, with added honey and lemon, helps fight infection, whether acute or just starting.

Prevent inflammation
Zitronen & Ingwer Tee Zubereitung

Ginger tea

This tea stimulates blood cir­cu­la­tion and is good for the shivers.

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Ingwer-Shot für starke Abwehrkräfte

Ginger as a shot

Ginger shots are popular thanks to their spicy kick that gets the body going.

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Ginger water

The delicious “cleansing water” detoxes the body and stimulates metabolism.

Easy to prepare
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Tip 5: Relaxing sleep

An experiment has shown that people who get enough sleep and have a healthy sleep pattern are less likely to catch a cold.

Tip 6: Physical wellness

Constantly living with stress makes us more susceptible to illness. Relaxation methods such as yoga have a beneficial effect on the immune system. And a visit to the sauna is also worthwhile. One visit alone isn't enough to rid the body of harmful viruses. However, regular sauna goers will have stronger immune sys­tems. Which isn't good news for viruses.

Alcohol kills viruses: just a myth?

The idea that we can kill viruses with schnapps is an alcoholic’s wistful dream. After all, viruses are located in the respiratory tract and not in the stomach, where the alcohol ends up. The better way of using high-proof alcohol is to disinfect surfaces and hands with it.

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