Aquafit: four ex­er­cis­es for your next swim at the pool


Once a big fitness trend in the 80s, aquafit is now commonly associated with rehab clinics. But we’re bringing it back – with short strength training exercises for your next swim.

Benefits of strength training in water

  • The resistance of the water slows down your movements – so extra strength is needed to overcome this resistance, and you move more smoothly.
  • Because training in water puts little strain on the joints, it is ideal for people with injuries, arthrosis patients or for anyone in pain in general.
  • Exercising in water also trains balance.
  • And it makes for excellent cardio training, especially aqua jogging, aquacycling and movements which involve the whole body.

Aquafit exercises

From aquacycling to step aerobics, all kinds of exotic combinations of sports can be done in water today. However, not much is needed when it comes to a little strength training. We've put together four simple strength exercises that you can do in the pool – quite unobtrusively.

Aquafit exercise 1: arm circus

Stand firmly anchored on the floor of the pool, feet hip-width apart. Tense your core muscles until you’re standing like a rock. Now stretch out both arms and move them back and forth, alternating each arm. Simultaneously pull the arms up sideways and then pull them back towards the body.

Exercise 2: knee pull

Alternate pulling the knees up as far as possible. The faster you do it, the more strenuous it becomes.

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Aquafit exercise 3: hand to knee

Stand hip-width apart on the pool floor. Stretch both arms out to the side. Now draw the right knee up to meet the left hand and then actively pull them away from each other again. Change sides.

Exercise 4: butterfly

Take up a lunge position, tighten the abdominal muscles and stretch both arms forwards until they almost meet. Then draw them back to your side again. Pull your shoulder blades together towards your back.

Tip for stronger muscles

To increase resistance, use paddles, a pool noodle or balls. This will make a significant difference to the resistance level – acting like added weight and building stronger muscles.

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