Foot reflexology: relax­ation for the whole body

Fussreflexzonen Massage: nicht nur bei Fussschmerzen

The beneficial effects of foot reflexology are based on a belief held in traditional Chinese medicine: namely, that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to the body’s different organs, which can be targeted by applying pressure.

What are foot reflex zones?

Even though there is no proven scientific evidence for the existence of foot reflex zones, foot massages are indisputably relaxing, boost blood circulation and also relieve many patients of pain. Pressure on a specific point on the foot is said to stimulate blood circulation in the intestines, for example, while other zones are associated with the back and neck.

How does foot reflexology work?

According to the teachings of foot reflexology, there is a zone for almost every part of the body that can be impacted by a massage to that zone. Foot massages have a relaxing effect and can clear blockages in the whole body. Massaging the tissue in the individual foot reflex zones loosens the specific pathways to the body parts in question.

Therapeutic use of foot reflexology?

A foot massage can have an activating or relaxing effect. To solve specific health problems, it’s advisable to seek treatment from a trained therapist. A foot reflexology specialist will create a customised therapy based on your specific conditions. Reflexology foot massages are mainly carried out by alternative practitioners, physiotherapists and masseurs.

No reflexology therapy with these conditions

  • acute inflammations
  • fever
  • neurological medical conditions, such as epilepsy
  • psychosis
  • aneurysms

A simple reflexology massage in seven steps

  1. Start by stroking the soles of the feet with both hands, using regular movements.
  2. Stretch and shake the ankles to completely relax the feet.
  3. Rub the feet vigorously. They need to be nice and warm for the massage.
  4. Apply pressure to the particular reflex zone, hold for about 5-30 seconds and release.
  5. Feel free to work thoroughly on painful points, but also stroke the wider surrounding area. Different massage strokes prevent pain becoming too intense.
  6. A certain amount of painful pressure is allowed, but within a tolerable range. The range varies from person to person, so take particular care.
  7. When time is short, it’s better to massage only a few reflex zones properly than to stimulate several zones briefly.

Relaxed feet – other methods

  • warm foot bath to relax
  • ice bath / Kneipp baths to boost circulation
  • tennis ball massage to boost circulation in hardened areas
  • spiky ball massage to generally boost circulation and stimulate the metabolism

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