Fall prevention: how to prevent falls in daily life

Fall prevention: how to prevent falls in daily life Fall prevention: how to prevent falls in daily life

With increasing age and decreasing agility, the risk of an older person falling grows higher and the consequences of a fall are more serious. Here’s how you can prevent falls and eliminate stumbling hazards.

Safety in your daily life

According to the BfU (Swiss Council for Accident Prevention), the most frequent cause of accidents in the home or garden or during free time is a fall. 280,000 people fall in Switzerland every year. Of these, almost 1,400 die as a result of their injury. The elderly account for 96%. For senior citizens, a fall can often also mean the end of living independently. 

10 tips to prevent a fall

  1. Check your floor coverings and make sure that rugs are non-slip.
  2. Stow away any cables lying around and make sure the telephone is easy to get to.
  3. Ensure that light switches and aids in the bedroom are near the bed.
  4. Make sure that the bathroom is well lit and remove obstacles that get in the way.
  5. Install handles in the bathtub to provide good support when getting in and out.
  6. Store pans and pots, frequently used kitchen appliances and food at a height that is easy to reach.
  7. Fit handrails on stairs and mark the steps on the staircase.
  8. Wear suitable footwear both outdoors and indoors.
  9. Keep fit with balance exercises as well as strength, endurance and mobility training.
  10. Ensure a balanced diet and sufficient exercise in your daily life.
Frau läuft barfuss
Fall prevention

Safety in your daily life

Many factors increase the risk of falling. Get advice in your own home.

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Balance exercises for everyday life

  • Stand on one leg
  • Walk along a line
  • Tandem stand: stand with one foot directly behind the other
  • For the more ambitious: close your eyes or turn your head to the side. This is an extra challenge for your sense of balance.
To begin with, hold on to a rail, for example, to avoid falling.

Eliminating stumbling hazards

The CSS Fall Prevention health programme, which is run in cooperation with the Swiss Rheumatism League, will help break this vicious circle. Programme participants are visited by physiotherapists and ergotherapists who will check their living situation and advise on how to get rid of potential traps – such as a floor covering, a cable or inadequate lighting. They also draw up a tailored exercise programme to strengthen the muscles and boost the sense of balance.

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