Stimulating the di­ges­tive system: here’s how

Verdauung anregen: Zehn Minuten Yoga-Flow

Physical movement to benefit the digestion? It doesn’t have to be tough – just a 10-minute yoga flow is enough to activate the digestive system.

The intestines need movement

Our digestive organs are constantly in motion as small balls of chewed food are transported through the intestines in peristaltic waves. When we move, we stimulate these wave-like motions all the more. But strenuous exercise isn't the answer. On the contrary: if the body is over-exerted after eating, the body needs all its resources for the exertion. In other words, strenuous exercise brings the digestive process to a standstill.

Massaging the intestines

It's no coincidence that many people take a constitutional walk after eating. This gentle form of exercise massages the intestines and helps digestion – but, at the same time, doesn’t require too much energy. Yoga has the same effect. The combination of movement and relaxation acts on the stomach and intestines like a massage.

Yoga flow stimulates digestion

If you don't particularly like walking or the weather isn't suitable, you can stimulate your digestive system with this 10-minute yoga flow and strengthen your body at the same time.

10-minute yoga flow for digestion

Claudia Schilter, group fitness trainer and certified yoga instructor, demonstrates the yoga flow for digestion (in german).

Best time to exercise

Doing yoga and drinking a glass of warm water straight after getting up gets the digestive system working and wakes up the whole body. But lunchtimes or evenings – before or after eating – are also good moments for the flow. The best time depends entirely on your own preferences.

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Why does yoga stimulate digestion?

When doing yoga and other gentle exercises, our breathing automatically deepens. Muscles such as the pelvic floor, diaphragm and abdominal muscles tense and relax again, putting gentle pressure on the digestive organs. This supports the peristaltic movements in the stomach and intestines and supplies blood to the entire abdominal cavity.

Why does yoga stimulate digestion?
Connecting the intestines and the brain, the vagus nerve influences our relaxation, digestion and stress levels.

Relaxation also plays a large part in how the digestive system functions. The intestines and brain are connected via the vagus nerve. When we're under stress, we hinder the digestive process through the vagus nerve. But it also works the other way round: when our intestines aren't functioning well, the body is stressed.

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