What relieves sore throats

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Oh no, not again! This is what many people think when they feel that familiar itchy burning sensation in their throat and it hurts to swallow. A sore throat is a typical side effect of a cold, i.e. an infection of the upper respiratory tract. This means that although the discomfort is annoying, as a rule, it is harmless.

Household remedies 

Nevertheless, there are several things that sufferers can do to make sore throats more tolerable. It’s helpful to keep warm – a scarf does a good job – and to take care of yourself. The following household remedies can also be relieving:

Drink plenty

Preferably teas made from medicinal herbs like sage, thyme or camomile.


Several times a day with medicinal herbal teas or salt water. Use one teaspoon of salt for 300ml of water. 

Neck wraps

Are said to be anti-inflammatory, decongestant and pain-relieving. Choose either a cooling or a warming option, depending on what feels more pleasant.

  • For a cooling effect, spread quark on a cloth, fold in the edges, place on the neck, fix with a gauze bandage or a towel, and leave for about 20 minutes.
  • For a warming effect, use soft boiled potatoes (not too hot). Or lemon slices covered with hot water. Drain well before use.

Good to know

Sore throats usually subside after one or two days and should disappear completely after about a week. If this isn't the case and high fever, shortness of breath or severe difficulty in swallowing are also experienced, it's advisable to see a doctor. Also when children complain of very sore throats.

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